What Is A Community Group?

A Community Group is an intentional small group of people who gather regularly to glorify God by proclaiming the truth of the Gospel through relationships, discipleship, care for one another, and participation in God’s mission.

These groups consist of 7-12 members who meet biweekly in each other’s homes to glorify God. Community Groups are a lifestyle choice, to be in a community that is in ongoing transformation by the power of the Gospel. In contrast they are not primarily then biweekly events, but a community of growing relationships. Community groups achieve this aim  by focusing on four things in particular:

  • Relationships: Engaging in gospel-centered relationships.
  • Discipleship: Seeking to grow as disciples in study together.
  • Pastoral Care: Caring for one another through life’s joys and storms.
  • Mission: Serving together on mission in our communities.
Community Group Specifics

CG’s are formed as a blend between 1) geographic location, and 2) demographic orientation (life-stage). Each CG is led by a Leader and Hospitality Leader. These leaders are equipped and trained throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please email our Office.